We Go Farther With Guidance 

What To Expect:

Connect with Ariane over a private Zoom call. The first 15 minutes are dedicated to answering questions, clarifying the process, and preparing a safe, undisturbed space.

Using a unique combination of guided journeying and visualization, Ariane will guide you into a deeply relaxed Theta state. Explore the aspects of you that are limited by fear, and experience firsthand the process of rewriting them using the power of the mind, intention, and the heart.

Envision and create a new inner dialogue that supports expansion, alignment and wholeness.

Deeply relax


dive inwards

bring fears to light

recreate & rewrite

live whole & complete


Chose Your Option


Book and receive your 1 on 1 online session from the comfort of your own home


This is a great opportunity to dive deep and receive ongoing support over 3 sessions 

Daily affirmations can assist in deepening and integrating our practice, as well as reprogramming the subconcious mind over an extended period of time.


Pricing Models For Every Need