8 Week Internal Growth Program

Dive inwards and explore 8 weeks of your unique Inward Path.

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Here’s What You’ll Get 


Benefit from the support of an experienced practitioner and growing Inward Path community over two months 


Tap into the power of the mind and see first hand how to create a sense of clarity, relief and awareness


Find the direction, motivation and resilience needed to move inwards and onwards though the challenges of life

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8 Weeks Of Internal Growth 

Participate in 8 weekly, interactive, meetup trainings. Learn why meditation is so important, cultivate your own daily practice, and learn effective visualization techniques that rewrite unsupportive thoughts and behaviour patterns.

Live meetups calls are once a week over Zoom. All participants meet and practice together in a group setting. Participants have access to Ariane’s library of meditations custom made for the program and to a private Facebook group where ongoing support is available. At the end of each call there will be Q&A and one-on-one coaching.

“The 8 week mindfulness program has given me a new drive to practice and to experience meditation. Ariane is an absolute powerhouse of a mindfulness specialist who has guided me to get in touch with the deeper parts of myself that needed dire attention. I highly recommend this course for those who are looking to start or expand on their mindfulness practice, and deepen their internal growth work.”

Cynthia L.

Personal Coach & Fitness Trainer

“Thank you Ariane for your expertise and knowledge. It was a wonderful experience to share time and space with a very special group. I am learning about myself through your guided meditations and feel so grateful to be part of the program.”

Anne H.

Health Care Consultant

“I knew I would benefit by taking a program that would encourage mindfulness and meditation, but I had no idea how much more I would get out of it. Ariane created a fabulous program with a different theme each week that seemed custom designed, offering exactly what we needed to learn and focus on each step of the way. The group support as well as the guided meditations gave me so much fabulous insight into places where I was blocked that afforded healing. I highly recommend this to all, can’t wait until the next one!”

Sue Anne H.

Certified Naturopath & Weight Loss Specialist

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?


Do I need something specific to participate?

Yes. You will need access to a laptop or desktop with a camera and a private, undisturbed environment each week for the duration of each meetup. 



How do the meetups work exactly?

A Zoom link will be provided for you after registration. Click on this link every week to join an online group chat room. Your face will not be visible on camera unless you ask a question on video. Learn and practice a variety of meditation and visualization techniques. Follow up daily with reminders, videos, and support on the private Facebook group.



Do I need any experience in meditation, internal growth, or mindfulness?

No experience is required, however an open mind and willingness to grow are absolutely required.



I'm not very good at visualization. Is it still ok that I participate?

Whether visualization happens easily or not, you have the opportunity to refine and develop your skills in this program. We will be practicing visualization techniques every meetup. Do the best you can, and you’ll finish the 8 weeks with much greater confidence.



What if I miss a week and can't participate in one of the meetups?

All Zoom calls are recorded and posted on a private group Facebook room within 24hrs. The videos are then deleted upon completion of the program.


Will I be required to meditate daily during this course?

Yes. You will start the first week with only a few mins of  daily meditation, and each week will be slightly longer than the last. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have reached 20 mins of daily practice. Your host will be supporting you on a Facebook group chat where you can express any of your questions or concerns, and guided meditations will be provided.



Is my privacy respected in this program?

The privacy of all participants will always be respected. Anything that is shared throughout the program will be done so in a safe and respectful environment. All information is kept confidential.



Do I have to go on live video when I share or ask a question?

No you aren’t required to go on live video. If you would prefer to remain off camera, please do so. If you have questions, you have the option to be on live video or write the question in the group chat. Participation is highly recommended, whether on camera or written chat.



I already have a lot of experience in meditation and personal growth, what can you offer me?

This program is designed to meet participants at their level. Feel free to apply the techniques learned to whatever depth you are comfortable with. Growing and practicing with a supportive community over two months will help anyone at any level. 

A Commitment To Yourself

Have you been struggling with a stressed state of mind? Or reliving past events over and over again? Maybe you feel stuck and can’t find the momentum to move forwards? These 8 weeks are designed to address each and every one of these issues and set a new, healthier foundation from within. This is your opportunity to commit to mental health, overall wellbeing and learn techniques that can be practiced over a lifetime.

Receive These Benefits And More

Build inner resilience

Build momentum to move forwards

Embrace change. Adapt to change

Make peace with the past

Strengthen ability to visualize

Create a healthy inner dialogue

Greater ability to focus

Boost in creative expression

Gain a sense of community and support

Deepen relationship with yourself and loved ones

Develop self-awareness

Meditate daily with greater ease

Be joyful about life again

Learn how to let go

What Ariane Has To Offer…

15 years of teaching experience, over 1000 hours of private and group instruction, over ten certifications and diplomas in the fields of health, wellness and mindfulness. Her daily mindfulness practice consists of meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, breathwork, Intentional Movement, and Vancouver Island nature therapy.

Ariane is a passionate guide and advocate for positive change. She is on a mission to inspire others towards and through their own unique path of internal growth.

What To Expect From Your 8 Weeks     

Meetup #1: Reconnect

Familiarize yourself with the basics of your new practice: body, breath awareness, and visualization. Deeply relax, calm the mind and cultivate a deep sense of relief.


Meetup # 2: Silent Witness

Be the eye of the storm (one of the best lifeskills to have). Observe your thoughts and insecurities without judgment or reactivity.


Meetup #3: Explore

Ariane will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, where you will safely explore inwardly to whatever depth you choose. Discover what stories and patterns lie beneath the surface of the mind.


Meetup # 4: Internal Growth

Discover the meaning of internal growth using mindfulness practice. Grow through outdated perspectives, find clairty and growth by safely navigating through internal blocks.


Meetup # 5: Inner Guidance

Tap into a well of inner strength, guidance and clarity mindfully. Solidify your relationship with your inner guidance system.


Meetup #6: Deep Healing

How can we activate a self-healing state? Find the answer in this meetup. Direct the mind to initiate depth levels of healing and restoration.


Meetup #7: Recreate

If you are not your outdated beliefs and perspectives, not your fears or insecurities, then who are you? Recreate your inner dialogue so that it reflects your most well and authentic expression.


Meetup #8: Future- Self

Create and align with the future ‘you’ who is living their very best life. Get insight on what steps you need to take next and support to make it happen.


 Your Investment