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Reading expands the mind and opens the heart.  I hope this encourages you to look a little further within 

How I Used Illness To Transform My Life

I was about 16 years old when I realized that the anxiety and depression I suffered from was not necessarily 'mine'. I remember observing those in my immediate environment and seeing how they too suffered from the same challenges (and so did the older generations in...

Purpose Is An Inside Job

The drive to find deeper meaning in life is something that we all share and strive to fulfill in our own unique ways. ”What is my purpose?’ is probably one of the biggest questions we can ask. Too many of us have struggled with the answer and have gone through...

The Experience Of Drinking Tea

This is something you can easily implement into your day. Today take ten minutes to yourself. Prepare tea with total attention from beginning to end. Move your hands mindfully from the kettle or pot towards the tea cup, feeling the textures and sensations. Be present...

What I Learned From 550 Days of Meditation

Recently I've just passed the 550 day mark of sitting mindfully (555 to be exact). As time goes by, and when it feels right, I gradually add 5 more minutes to the practice. I began with 20 minutes, now I sit for 35.   A daily alarm is set on my phone for 8pm as a...

One Step Forward

When we take one step forward, it can often follow with two or more steps back. Rather than judging ourselves for stepping back, instead I suggest we practice gratitude. So many of us have been burdened with fear and uncertainty for years (some for an entire...

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