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Born and raised in Montreal, Ariane’s love for self-development and wellbeing took her into the role of a teacher at 16 years old. She completed her degree in Eastern Religions and Professional Writing, and has been working as a certified RYT (registered Yoga teacher), Medical Qi Gong instructor, Meditation instructor, Massage Therapist and public speaker for over ten years.

Having suffered from an early age with anxiety and depression, Ariane took an interest in the field of holistic health and wellbeing to find relief. Learning different forms of mindfulness practices helped her recover and attain a greater sense of wellbeing, as well as a solid healthy lifestyle.

After well over a dozen trainings in the field of wellness, Ariane was called to create her own form of healing work that reprograms cell memory. This form of work assists individuals to recreate their relationship with trauma, rewrite their response to fear based patterns and align with a more whole expression of who they are. 

She has worked privately with hundreds of clients and has taught well over 1000 hours of group classes. She studied and further developed her work in Costa Rica, Mexico and India, and currently works globally with private clients online. She is also one of the newest Yoga teachers at the beautiful Ashtanga Yoga Victoria downtown studio. 

She spends her time cultivating her daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga, meditation and breathwork, developing the online forum The Inward Path, and forever exploring the endless beauty of Vancouver Island with her canine side kick Bella Coola.


We don’t have to carry our pain and fear with us throughout our lifetime. We can upgrade our systems are function from an integrated space. It takes a willingness to look in, courage to address the part of ourselves that are hidden, and vulnerability to reach out for support. 


Nature Therapy

The natural environment is the ultimate, most accessible upgrade and form of therapy. It is here that we can feel supported, inspired, and energized. Having a strong connection to the natural environment is a vital part of wellness, growth and healing. 

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