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Driven by her passion for self-development, Ariane began teaching at the age of 16. She completed her University degree in Eastern Religions and Professional Writing, and has been working as a certified RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), Medical Qi Gong Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Massage Therapist and speaker.

Having struggled from an early age with anxiety and depression, Ariane took an interest in the field of holistic health to find relief. After completing over a dozen certifications in mindfulness, embodiment, and manual/energetic therapies, Ariane discovered how each of these unique practices helped to rewrite the history found in the body (cell memory).  Suddenly recreating the relationship with the past and rewriting fear based response patterns were possible when they weren’t before. Encouraging the public to redesign their internal script and deepen the connection they have with themselves are just a few of the many subjects she speaks about. 

She has worked privately with hundreds of clients and has taught well over 1000 hours of group classes. She studied in Costa Rica, Mexico & India, and currently works globally with private clients online. She also practices and teaches at the beautiful Ashtanga Yoga Victoria downtown studio. 

Her time is spent practicing Yoga, meditation, and breathwork, advocating for the protection of old growth trees with the Ancient Forest Alliance, and exploring the endless beauty of Vancouver Island with her canine sidekick Bella Coola.


The body retains our history right down to a cellular level. Whether we are conscious of it or not, these memories and stories speak through us and deeply impact our quality of life. Living like this is not something we have to settle for. We have the ability to redesign our lives from within. 



Nature Therapy

There is no construct man has created that isn’t found in the natural environment. We are an extension of nature. May the adventures I share deepen your sense of exploration both inwardly and for the great outdoors.   

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