Purpose Is An Inside Job

Feb 18, 2019

The drive to find deeper meaning in life is something that we all share and strive to fulfill in our own unique ways.

”What is my purpose?’ is probably one of the biggest questions we can ask. Too many of us have struggled with the answer and have gone through extensive means trying to figure it out.

After so much time and effort, if we still do not have clarity, maybe we should ask ourselves if we are looking in the right place.

Instead of ‘finding’ purpose, maybe it is something we can cultivate and grow. Here is how we can do it… 

Living a life that fosters self-care, healing and wellness can provide a solid foundation for living purposefully. Even the path of healing itself, can often become one’s purpose. 

When I began to apply these principles in my life, feeling a greater sense of purpose came quickly. It was clear that I had far more to offer myself, family, and community by being well and self-aware.

It was also a relief to know that living purposefully could happen daily on such a simple and accessible level.  

We can wait for purpose or we can work daily, in small ways to create a solid ground for a purpose driven life to thrive. Developed clarity, intuition, and self-awareness are a few of the many benefits from walking the healing path.

There are communities of people around the world who are finding purpose through their internal growth process, leading by example, and bringing their most whole expression to the world. 

Imagine looking back on your life and seeing how you lived vibrantly, mindfully and well. Imagine all the people around you who would have benefited from your positivity and uplifting presence. This is a legacy we can all leave behind and is one that is desperately needed at a time like this.  

There is no need to make living purposefully complex. We can begin the search within ourselves and watch the benefits manifest in beautiful ways throughout our lives.