What I Learned From 550 Days of Meditation

Feb 11, 2019

Recently I’ve just passed the 550 day mark of sitting mindfully (555 to be exact). As time goes by, and when it feels right, I gradually add 5 more minutes to the practice. I began with 20 minutes, now I sit for 35.
A daily alarm is set on my phone for 8pm as a reminder to start prepping for an early nights sleep, starting with meditation.
Meditation has taught me to relax, be present, and observe my thoughts. As someone who struggled extensively from over-sensitivity, anxiety, and depression, these skills have served enormously.
Through the skill of observation, I was able to practice observing my emotional storms, rather than identify with them. As I developed my practice over time, I could see a ‘space’ being made from myself and those turbulent emotional states I would fall so easily into.
Although they still may be there, they remain in the background, not nearly as crippling or influential as they once used to be.
Greater self-awareness means a greater understanding of the mind, behaviour patterns, and fears. As I deepen this connection with myself, I also deepen the relationships I have with those around me and the environment.
I see meditation as a fundamental practice that can serve everyone in their own personal way. As little as 10 minutes a day can gradually cultivate a sense of peace and wellbeing.
Meditation provides temporary relief from incessant thinking and moments of clarity that can unfold beautifully into your day.