One Step Forward

Feb 9, 2019

When we take one step forward, it can often follow with two or more steps back.

Rather than judging ourselves for stepping back, instead I suggest we practice gratitude.

So many of us have been burdened with fear and uncertainty for years (some for an entire lifetime). Stepping out of the comfort zone can be a very scary and unknown place.

Those two or more steps back are part of the healing journey. Let’s celebrate the step we took forward and be gentle with the process of exploring outside the boundaries.

It takes courage to step forward and even more courage to accept the steps we take back.

At a time where healing is needed the most in our families, societies, and world at large, I invite you to accept your healing process, no matter what step you took or did not take.

Permitting our healing process to unfold without judgement allows greater space for acceptance, gratitude and trust.